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Wireless Energy Transfer

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Physics of Complex Systems

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Granted US 9368974

We present a novel approach resulting in efficient and robust wireless energy transfer in the mid-range. Applications of wireless energy transfer are already in use and are continuously being developed. The main limit of wireless energy transfer techniques is that both the transmitter and transformer need to be of the same resonance. In addition, this technique is very susceptible to noise which limits efficiency. The present invention provides a technique for a robust and efficient mid-range wireless power transfer between two coils. This technique can transfer the energy between the coils without being sensitive to any resonant constrains, noise and other interferences that exist in the neighborhood of the coils


  • Simultaneous energy transfer to several electrical gadgets.


  • Efficient
  • Not sensitive to electrical interference.
  • No need for an exact resonance match between transmitter and transformer.

Technology's Essence

The efficiency and robustness of this technology is achieved by adapting the process of rapid adiabatic passage (RAP) for a coherently driven two state atom to the field of wireless energy transfer. In other words, the resonance of the transmitter is tuned adiabatically to scan a resonant frequency range, thus arriving at a dynamic solution to the electrical transfer problem.

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