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Production of Amines from Alcohol and Ammonia

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Organic Chemistry

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Granted US 8586742; 8779136; 8889865

One-step synthesis of primary amines from alcohols and ammonia under mild conditions.
Amines are widely used in the production of numerous products for multiple industries and their use is expected to increase. Global amines market is expected to reach over $14 billion by 2020, with an average annual growth of 3.5%.
Primary amines are most useful in the larger markets of ethanolamines and fatty amines.
Current synthetic methods require harsh reaction conditions, are non-specific and generate toxic waste. The outlined technology utilizes a novel catalyst to synthesize primary amines in a simple single-step fashion directly from alcohols and ammonia.


• Production of primary amines for numerous industries (agrochemicals, surfactants, personal care, water treatment, fine chemicals, plastics, dyes, pigments, food additives and pharmaceuticals)


  • Mild reaction conditions
  • Single step synthesis
  • High yields
  • No solvent required
  • No toxic reagents or by-products
  • Ecologically and economically beneficial

Technology's Essence

Amines are a very important family of compounds used in multiple industries. The presented technology uses selective catalytic synthesis of primary amines from primary alcohols and ammonia. This simple, one-step, easily applicable reaction delivers primary amines in good yields, in addition to valuable environmental and economic advantages.

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