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Novel Method for Prevention and Treatment of Jet Lag

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Jet lag is a ubiquitous problem for air travelers. As the process of rapidly shifting time zones leads to the body’s circadian rhythm being out of sync to the destination’s time schedule. This has a variety of impacts on the body, in particular the general and pervasive feeling of exhaustion, limiting an individual’s capacity to function, until acclimation. Therefore travelers, and especially business travelers, have a need for a method to help them prevent or overcome their jet lag rapidly.

The group of Prof. Gad Asher has discovered that specific oxygen conditions can help to rapidly overcome the symptoms of Jet Lag. The technology can be further developed into a device that can be used to treat individuals before and during flights to reduce jet lag.


  • Reduction of symptoms of Jet Lag

Technology's Essence

The basis of the discovery by the Asher group is examining and applying the role of oxygen to regulating the circadian rhythm. Experimenting both in vitro and in vivo in animal models, it was found that oxygen is an important regulator of the circadian rhythm. The mediation of oxygen as a circadian rhythm regulator is performed by HIF1? (hypoxia inducible factor 1?). In mouse models the Asher group found that a reduction of oxygen from 21% to ~16-14% led to an accelerated adaptation to Jet-lag like conditions. Simple human studies can be performed so as to translate these important findings.

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