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Monoclonal Anti-Gliomedin antibody (Mab#94)

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Molecular Cell Biology

257 - Monoclonal antibody to Gliomedin

Description: Monoclonal antibody to Gliomedin (MAb 94) raised against a synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acid residues 273–287 (CVIPNDDTLVGRA), present in the extra cellular region of Rat Gliomedin.

Gliomedin, a glial ligand for neurofascin and NrCAM, is expressed by myelinating Schwann cells and accumulates at the edges of each myelin segment, aligned with the forming nodes of Ranvier. Gliomedin was shown to induce ion channel organization along the nerve axons, elicit formation of myelin and initiate node formation. Immuno-detection of Gliomedin may be used for diagnostics of neurological pathologies or as a marker for nodes of Ranvier in human and various animal model systems.

Reference: Eshed Y, Feinberg K, Poliak S, Sabanay H, Sarig-Nadir O, Spiegel I, Bermingham JR Jr, Peles E. 2005. Gliomedin mediates Schwann cell-axon interaction and the molecular assembly of the nodes of Ranvier. Neuron. 47(2):215-29.

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