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Monoclonal Anti-Caspr antibody (Mab#275)

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Molecular Cell Biology

259 - Monoclonal antibody to Caspr

Description: Monoclonal antibody to Caspr (Mab275), raised against the extracellular domain of Caspr.

Caspr is a contactin-associated protein, part of the neurexin family of proteins. It lies in the paranodal section of the myelin sheath and has a role in myelin sheath attachment along with contactin. May be glycosylated.

Reference: Poliak S1, Gollan L, Martinez R, Custer A, Einheber S, Salzer JL, Trimmer JS, Shrager P, Peles E. 1999. Caspr2, a new member of the neurexin superfamily, is localized at the juxtaparanodes of myelinated axons and associates with K+ channels. Neuron. 24(4):1037-47.


Tech # 1269

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