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Means to Store and Transport Solar Energy

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Environmental Science and Energy Resources

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Granted US 8268138; 8764953


Production of Gaseous fuel, CO, and liquid fuels, such as Methanol.
Recycling CO2 emissions from industrial plants.

Technology's Essence

The invention pertains to a new synthetic fuel production approach using CO2 - CO recycling. The process uses concentrated solar radiation for reduction of CO2 to CO in a series of coupled energy conversion steps:

  1. Thermionic emission of electrons
  2. Thermoelectric generation of electric potential to supply the electrons with the required energy
  3. CO2 reduction by dissociative attachment of electrons: CO2 + e- => CO2- => CO + O-
  4. Separation of CO and O-, de-ionization of the oxygen ions and recycling of the electrons.

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