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Layered nanoparticals for catalysis

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Granted US 9242231

A new process for the production of catalytic metal coated WS2 nanotubes, using cobalt, palladium, nickel, chromium and noble metals.
These metal coated nanotubes were shown to have catalytic activity in different organic reactions including degradation of known organic contaminants (Co coated) and Suzuki and Heck coupling reactions (Pd coated).
Since catalytic chemical reactions are at the heart of many processes and industries, and efficient catalysis is essential for both economic and environmental reasons, this development of a new catalytic platform bears a potential to influence many diverse markets.


  • New and efficient Pd-based catalysts for diverse reactions.
  • New and efficient crude oil HDS catalysts.
  • New and efficient wastewater purification catalysts.
  • Production of activated hybrid WS2 nanotubes with new properties.
  • Tailoring catalytic nanotubes with different band gaps adjusted to different activation and catalysis applications.


  • Formation of highly active catalytic nanotubes
  • Utilization of the nanotubes' very large surface area
  • Recruiting specific nanotube semiconducting characteristics for special catalysis requirements

Technology's Essence

The invention involves deposition of metal nanoparticles on prepared WS2 nanotubes (INT-WS2) in a two stage process involving Pd-nanocrystallites assisted activation followed by electroless plating.
In this process WS2 nanotubes are synthesized according to known procedures. The nanotubes are then covered by metal nanoparticles in a simple and straightforward procedure resulting with highly active nanotubes which can be utilized as catalysts for various chemical reactions.
This new hybrid technology opens the way to a new family of highly efficient, tunable catalysts; the INTs large surface area, specific band gap design and choice of metal result in an ability to produce unique tailor-made catalysts, applicable to many different industries. 

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