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New 19Fluoride based nanocrystals (19FNCs) developed at the Weizmann Institute present high solubility and can be injected into the body’s soft tissues for high quality and target specific MRI. This new generation MRI agents are safe with high clearance capabilities, and can allow superior image quality. Owing to their unique performance, these new MRI agents can have a profound impact on the MRI field, as they can be utilized in specific MRI diagnostic tools for a variety of pathologies.

Many of the currently available contrast agents are not specific enough and are therefore not suitable for a variety of advanced applications such as therapeutic monitoring platforms and   pathology diagnostic tools. Furthermore, recent discoveries of the potential toxicity of Gadolinium, the most prominent contrast agent for MRI, are stressing the need to diversify the variety of materials in use. Applying the new 19FNC imaging agent as a specific marker for MRI may help solving some of these problems. Furthermore, this new technology may result in a significant impact on the medical diagnostic field, including the monitoring and diagnostic of the onset and progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and even cancer.  

Water-soluble PEGylated CaF2 nanocrystals. a) Illustration of the PEGylated CaF2 nanocrystals (CFP). b) DLS histograms showing the nanocrystals’ monodispersity. c) High-resolution F NMR spectrum in aqueous solution.



Various applications in the medical imaging and diagnostics fields:

·         Improvement of existing MRI quality

·         Monitoring multiple targets simultaneously

·         Applying MRI for specific applications:

o   Monitoring therapeutic cells with MRI

o   Mapping inflammation (associated with many diseases)

o   Accurate diagnostic tool for various pathologies achieved through specific surface modifications

o   Tracking therapeutic cells and report on their therapeutic capabilities

·         Material science NMR applications


Fluoride nanocrystals with high NMR sensitivity, that are safe and soluble:  

·         Enable high quality images, with no background signal

·         Can be combined with other contrast agents for a more detailed image

·         Safe - non-toxic with high body clearance capabilities

·         High solubility and surface modifiability - owing to the nanocrystals’ unique coating

·         Allow artificial “multicolor” MRI for multiplexed imaging.