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Companies & Spin-Offs

ImmunoBrain Checkpoint, Inc. ("IBC") is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a pipeline of novel disease-modifying immunotherapies for neurological disorders by targeting immune checkpoint pathways. IBC’s novel approach for treatment of neurodegeneration is based on years of innovative, cutting edge scientific discoveries made by Prof. Michal Schwartz of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. IBC'...Read more >
MabTrix is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to develop an innovative, function-blocking therapeutic monoclonal antibody (MAb) for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or an orphan form as initial indication. The company’s mission is to develop a novel humanized MAb that specifically inhibits the enzymatic activity of matrix metalloprotease (MMP) 9 by binding to the catalytic site of the activated...Read more >
Alma Bio Therapeutics SAS, a pre-clinical development company based in Lyon, France, pioneers a new generation of safe and effective curative drugs for treatment of autoimmune diseases. Its first clinical indication is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), a chronic incurable autoimmune disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Alma's therapeutic rationale is derived from the understanding of the underlying causes of...Read more >
NanoCell Ltd. is dedicated to advancing women’s reproductive health through biopharmaceutical technologies that significantly improve embryo implantation, consequently increasing the chances of conceiving. Through an inter-disciplinarian approach we take a scientific discovery to develop a proprietary intrauterine treatment resulting in improved embryo implantation rates. NanoCell is developing a method, a kit and a...Read more >
Soligenix, Inc. is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products to treat rare diseases where there is an unmet medical need. Soligenix has two areas of focus: 1) a therapeutics segment dedicated to the development of products for orphan diseases and areas of unmet medical need such as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, oral mucositis, pediatric Crohn’s disease, acute radiation...Read more >
We provide personalized nutrition and actionable insights that allow you to live healthier and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Discover surprising food possibilities, while living your life with smarter nutritional and activity choices. We do this by studying your individual metrics and gut microbiome — that vast collection of bacteria that you host. Turns out your microbiome has a big impact on your health, and...Read more >
Since 2015, BiomX has been discovering and developing innovative microbiome-based therapeutics to prevent and treat cancer, IBD, and skin disorders that stem from microbiome dysbiosis. The Company’s microbiome modulation platform uses cutting-edge science, research, and licensed technology created by Professor Rotem Sorek, Ph.D., and Dr. Eran Elinav, M.D./Ph.D., both of The Weizmann Institute of Science; and...Read more >
Geneformics is innovating in the field of Information Technology for genomics. The company’s products employ compression and other cutting-edge technologies to streamline the storage and sharing of genomics data, on-premises and in the cloud. Prof. Eran Segal of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics brings his scientific expertise to the company’s computational biology research and development...Read more >
SynVaccine utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach combining cutting edge technologies including synthetic biology, virology, bio-informatics, engineering and robotics to generate a vaccine development platform positioned to overcome the limitations of current vaccine development technology. Synvaccine's technology enables the design and fabrication of viral genomes from scratch, ensuring through our safety...Read more >
NeuroQuest has discovered blood -based immune biomarkers in Alzheimer's and ALS patients. Blood samples measure unique aspects of the immune system that reflect the disease pathology and can be used for diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring disease progression- a game changing technology for Alzheimer's care. These patented biomarkers may also lead to a better understanding of the mechanism of neurodegenerative...Read more >
Photomyne provides smartphone users with a simple way to transform their old photo albums into digital photos that will form a unique collection of personal and public memories. Visit for more information.Read more >
ColoRight, an innovative developer of optics-based technologies for the beauty industry, has created a fast, easy and fail-safe haircolor guidance system that enables both colorists and home users to achieve predictable, desirable hair coloring results. Using advanced light spectroscopy, the ColoRight™ system assesses the composition and relative amounts of pigmentation in an individual’s hair. Computerized models...Read more >
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. is a bio-therapeutics company dedicated to the commercialization of non-personalized (allogeneic) stem cell therapy products for the treatment of several severe degenerative, ischemic and autoimmune disorders. The Company is developing a pipeline of products derived from the human placenta, a non-controversial source, and not from embryonic stem cells. The placental cells are expanded in...Read more >
Optical Imaging, Ltd. is a revenue stage medical device company focused on clinical markets. It is currently addressing ophthalmic market needs by providing equipment for early diagnosis, targeted treatment and treatment monitoring. The company's Retinal Function Imager (RFI) and Brain Imager 3001 systems are based on Optaical Imaging’s proprietary technological innovations which won world-wide recognition because...Read more >
Novatrans develops and commercializes a technology invented at the Weizmann Institute of Science by Prof. Ron Naaman, Mr. Erez Halahmi and with Dr. Leeor Kronik. The heart of the invention is a photo nano-vacuum tube, a novel transistor called the Novatron. The Novatron effectively bridges the gap between the vacuum technologies of old and the integrated transistor technologies of today, while eliminating their...Read more >
Neurogenic Ltd. is a company that researches and develops diagnostics and therapeutics for mental disorders. Over the past 20 years, Neurogenic has collaborated with Professor Meir Shinitzky of the Weizmann Institute and his research team on these endeavors. Thus far, a straightforward, highly sensitive and specific blood test has been developed for the diagnosis of schizophrenia in children with behavioral...Read more >
NanoMaterials Ltd., formerly ApNano - A ctive P rotection NANO materials, is a pioneer of inorganic, multi-layered fullerenes. Founded in 2002, NanoMaterials was the first to succeed in the commercial production of inorganic, multi-layered nanofullerenes and nanotubes. Based on Weizmann Institute of Science patented platform technology, the company’s WS₂-based nanomaterials opened up new possibilities for developing...Read more >
miCure Therapeutics is developing microRNA therapeutics and diagnostics for CNS disorders based on inventions by Prof. Alon Chen of the Department of Neurobiology and Dr. Eran Hornstein of the Department of Molecular Genetics at The Weizmann Institute of Science. Currently, miCure Therapeutics is focused on Neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, and neuropsychiatric diseases (mood disorders). Amyotrophic Lateral...Read more >
ImmunoBrain Therapies Inc. develops therapies for neurological disorders, including spinal cord injuries (SCI), brain trauma, and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS and AMD. While there is no paralysis cure yet available to treat spinal cord injury, nor any cure for CNS trauma in general, Prof. Michal Schwartz, from the Neuroimmunology department at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, has shown that the...Read more >
Immunity Pharma Ltd. (IPL) uses novel immune-based approaches, employing "switch peptides", to develop therapies for neuro-degenerative diseases. IPL’s drugs are peptides with biologic activity that augments natural self-repair processes utilized by the immune system itself. In particular, it is developing an innovative peptide-based strong anti-apoptotic drug invented by Prof. Irun R. Cohen of the Department of...Read more >