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Patent Agreement

Patent Agreement (“PA”):

Following a decision by Yeda's patent committee to file a patent application, and prior to the actual filing of the patent application, a Patent Agreement should be entered into by the inventors, Yeda and the Weizmann Institute.  One main aspect of the Patent Agreement is the determination of the relative contribution of each inventor or contributor to the invention and a formal assignment of the rights in the invention to Yeda.

A patent differs from a scientific article in the sense that inventorship (unlike authorship) is determined by law.  If non-inventors are listed as inventors, or if real inventors are omitted from the list of inventors, this might lead to the invalidation of the patent.  Accordingly, the Patent Agreement contemplates for proceeds to be allocated also to non-inventors ("contributors") affiliated with theWIS, who contributed to the invention in a non-inventive manner.

If the invention is jointly owned by Yeda and by another institution, the Patent Agreement will be signed only by the Weizmann Inventors and contributors, and not by Inventors from the other institution.

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