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Forms and Agreements

Non Disclosure Agreement

Commercial entities are kindly requested to sign Yeda's Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before making available confidential documents or information of any kind.  To view a draft pdf version of this document, please see file attached.

Nofar Agreement

In order to advance academic projects to a level were they match Industry's needs, the Israeli Ministry of Trade an Industry, via the Magnet program, offer grants of up to $100,000 for one year research programs, to be carried out in academic institutes in Israel (Nofar Program). A grant is approved by the ministry only if an Israeli commercial entity invests 10% of the grant amount.  In return, the commercial entity receives the first option to license the results of this research and the pre-existing related technology.  The attached agreement is intended to cover all aspects of a "Nofar Agreement" between Yeda and the commercial entity.  For more information, please Contact Yeda.

To view Yeda's standard Nofar Agreement, please click here .

Service Agreement

Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) scientists are asked from time to time to perform various scientific tasks (Services) for commercial entities, in return for certain fees. While WIS wishes to assist and support the Israeli knowledge-based industry, it is not its intention to compete with Israeli companies offering similar services. Moreover, performing Services ordered by companies may be outside the scope of WIS, being a basic science research institution. Thus, in order for a project to be approved by the WIS Vice President for Technology Transfer as a Service, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The requested Service should be limited to measurements and tasks, carried out routinely by the specific laboratory, the performance of which is not likely to generate new intellectual property.
  • Performing the Service should not require the work of students and post-doctoral fellows.
  • The Service should be limited in time and nature and unlikely to significantly interfere with the regular scientific work, the availability of equipment to other scientists etc.
  • The Service should be one that is not provided by a commercial entity outside WIS.
  • A special IACUC approval is needed for preclinical experiments.
  • The price charged for the Service shall reflect the real cost to WIS.

Companies interested in ordering a Service at WIS should approach Yeda after the WIS PI received all the relevant approvals from WIS authorities. A Service Agreement needs to be signed between the company and Yeda in order for the Service to be performed.
In the event that the desired Service is to be performed by the chemical, biological or physical services units at WIS, companies may directly approach the heads of these units.

To view Yeda’s Service Agreement please click here.