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SynVaccine utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach combining cutting edge technologies including synthetic biology, virology, bio-informatics, engineering and robotics to generate a vaccine development platform positioned to overcome the limitations of current vaccine development technology. Synvaccine's technology enables the design and fabrication of viral genomes from scratch, ensuring through our safety engineering focused design process that the resultig attenuated viral vaccines strains overcome the safety and efficacy limitations of current vaccines.

The company owns exclusive licences for disruptive technologies that enable the computational rational design of viral genomes from the lab of Dr. Tamir Tuller of Tel-Aviv University and technology for the physical DNA editing of viral vaccine genome libraries from the lab of Prof. Ehud Shapiro from the Weizmann Institute of Science. These are positioned to leapfrog currently used, trial and error-based technologies for vaccine development and produce a pipeline of vaccine candidates for major unmet Human health risks.

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