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HelioFocus is an emerging force in the area of high-efficiency solar thermal energy. The company has developed a breakthrough in the CSP solar thermal solutions market that delivers highest concentration of solar energy, highest temperature steam and the highest output of energy per unit of land, requiring less than half the area required by other solar thermal solutions, in some geographical locations. HelioFocus’ solutions are differentiated by cutting-edge, proprietary technologies for all system components, including the parabolic dish, volumetric receiver and heat transmission elements. HelioFocus is offering two products: the HelioBooster™ for steam augmentation and EnergiX™ for standalone power generation using a steam turbine. Our first offering, the HelioBooster™ steam augmentation solution, is designed to enable combined cycle or fossil fuel power plants to increase their electricity output and reduce their O&M and system costs, slash their Levelized cost of energy (LCoE) and enhance the environmental profile of their operations. Additionally HelioFocus offers stand-alone solar power plant which generates electricity through a central steam turbine, a CHP hybrid system combined with micro turbines and storage solutions.

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