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Catalyst Agtech

Catalyst AgTech Ltd. is developing a breakthrough technology, which minimalizes the environmental impact of agrochemical products, a major issue in modern agrotechnology.

Catalyst AgTech's technology solves the conflict between the growing demand for more essential pesticides and the need to prevent any negative impact on the environment. The solution leads to billions of dollars in more business while alleviating environmental contamination.

The Company is led by an experienced management team and has the scientifing backing of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Trendlines Agtech – Mofet is a partner and shareholder of Catalyst AgTech, and Trendlines AgTech is its investor.

The Technology

To abate environmental contamination from agrochemicals, Catalyst AgTech is developing a customizable, patented technology with a “self-destruct” mechanism for use in persistent pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. An appropriate catalyst is paired with a particular agrochemical, and both are applied to crops. After serving its useful purpose, the catalyzed agrochemical then breaks down as it migrates below the root zone, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing soil and groundwater contamination.
The Catalyst AgTech platform presents a completely novel approach to preventing agrochemical contamination. The technology is applicable to about 40% of all active agrochemical ingredients, including major products for controlling weeds, fungi, and pests. The catalysts used are environmentally friendly substances.

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