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Alma Bio Therapeutics SAS

Alma Bio Therapeutics SAS, a pre-clinical development company based in Lyon, France,  pioneers a new generation of safe and effective curative drugs for treatment of autoimmune diseases. 
Its first clinical indication is  Inflammatory  Bowel Disease (IBD), a chronic incurable autoimmune disease of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Alma's therapeutic rationale is derived from the understanding of the underlying causes of autoimmune disease and the  physiologic mechanisms that manage and regulate inflammation.  

The Company's first of a kind treatment is a DNA construct that encodes a human molecule that  delivers signals that the immune system uses to regulate inflammation naturally.  
By employing the immune-system's own internal signals and biomarkers as a treatment to regulate the immune system,  Alma's therapy reinstates control over the aberrant inflammatory  reaction without compromising the essential, beneficial functions of the immune system. 

This breakthrough approach could change the way autoimmune diseases are treated.