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AllergyFight is developing an innovative drug for the prevention and therapy of allergic diseases. The technology is based on the scientific work of Prof. Israel Pecht from the Weizmann Institute and Prof. Anna Erdei. They have discovered a small peptide  that effectively inhibits the IgE- mediated degranulation and the following secretion of inflammatory mediators by mast-cells, thus, inhibiting the appearance of the toxic mediators which cause the allergic symptoms. The investigators have also discovered the mode of action of the potential drug.  Results from trials in animals show a survival rate of 6/8 in the treated group in comparison to 1/8 in the control group. Moreover, the novel peptide has also been shown to prevent infiltration of eosinophils and eliminates respiratory distress. AllergyFight provides effective and safe therapy for allergic diseases by developing a disease modifying agent.